The Best Private Dining in Nashville

We only take reservations for parties of 20 or more. We are just a call away, so that you can speak to someone and your reservation will be accounted for. Anyone less then 20 will be first come first served.

Nashville's Best Restaurant

We have since then made a reduced menu as to we are unable to have some of the items that you've known for the past 27 years. It is our endeavor to provide our customers with the best quality Italian cooking. For this reason, we now have reduced prices but with the same delicious recipes you love. We appreciate your understanding, and thank you for supporting small local businesses and the best family restaurants in Nashville!

Ice cream is a classic treat that never goes out of style. With Nashville's booming food scene, there are plenty of fantastic ice cream parlors to choose from! Whether you're looking for a delicious scoop on your own, or wanting to book an entire private party at one of these incredible establishments, there's something for everyone in Music City.

The top three most popular offerings from Nashville ice cream shops include the famous "Banana Split," the decadent "Chocolate Brownie Sundae," and the unique "Fountain Float." The Banana Split is a classic favorite consisting of three scoops of ice cream topped with fresh banana slices, strawberry syrup, whipped cream and a cherry on top. Perfect for sharing (or not!), this iconic ice cream treat is sure to delight. The Chocolate Brownie Sundae takes the classic sundae up a notch, as it features two large scoops of chocolate ice cream coupled with decadent brownie chunks, hot fudge and whipped cream. Finally, the Fountain Float is perfect for those summer days when you want something light and refreshing-- it's made with a scoop of vanilla ice cream floating in soda, topped with your choice of sweet syrup.

For a special event or gathering, booking an entire private party at one of these ice cream parlors is sure to be a hit! Most shops will offer customizable packages, so you can choose your favorite flavors and toppings for your guests. Plus, there are usually plenty of fun activities to keep your guests entertained, such as ice cream eating competitions and creative collaborations. In Nashville, you can even have an indoor or outdoor private party in an ice cream parlor's garden or courtyard for a truly unique experience!

Whether you're looking for a delicious scoop of classic ice cream, or wanting to host an unforgettable private party at one of the many incredible shops throughout Music City, Nashville has something for everyone. So be sure to check out the top three most popular offerings from local ice cream parlors and start planning your next event today!

Experience the best things to do in Nashville 

Are you still wondering on things to do in Nashville? Worry not, you are the right place. We will ensure you have a spectacular time here. Nashville not only has a rich music history, but has splendid places worth checking out. You should consider visiting Nashville because it has something for everyone, both children and adults. Nashville houses spectacular activities for both winter and summer. Let us start off by looking at top activities in Nashville worth trying out: 

Special events  

Want the best ice cream in Nashville at your party? As earlier stated, Nashville is famous for musical events. They range from art crawls, concerts, sporting events and theatrical performances, among others. There are numerous events to choose from. These events are suitable for both children and adults. Additionally, you can grab a jersey and watch Nashville predator’s hockey game. Alternatively, you can enjoy some free music from various artists. At the Vine we are committed to offering the best dining experience to those visiting or living in Nashville.

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